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Online Workshops

Join us in our online offerings and learn practices to reconnect to your Earth's body!

Create Your Own Kachina Spirit Keeper With Lali Mitchell

Saturdays August 29th & September 5th - 10AM to 11:30AM 


Please join us for this 2 part online group experience of making your own Kachina Spirit Keeper. Once you have registered, you'll be emailed the Zoom link to use to login for both part 1 and part 2. 

Suggested Donation: Sliding scale $5 to $35 includes both classes. 
No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds, we know everyone's situation is different so give what you can, this offering is for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

You'll need to pre-gather your materials to be prepared to make your spirit keeper with us as a group!  The materials list is below the following workshop description! 


PART I - Saturday, August 29th 


You will be guided through the process of building your own Earth-tending Kachina (Spirit keeper). We will make our Kachinas using the materials you have gathered beforehand. The Coronavirus is initiating us, humans, into a deep-sea journey. Through spontaneous art-making processes, we can gain personal & collective insight into the meanings of this world-changing event. This workshop draws on the Hopi tradition of Kachinas —small spirit- that have traditionally helped the Hopi Indian-nation peoples listen into “Mother Earth who sustains the balance and wholeness of all things.” We will journal and then share our process in dyads and then with the group as a whole. 

women making a kachina spirit keeper
Between workshops: 

Finish working with your Kachina. Take some time to get to know your Kachina and the messages & energies it carries. Journal if you wish.

PART 2: Saturday, September 5th.
SHARING THE WISDOM: Decoding and Sharing the Messages of our Kachinas.


In Part 2, we'll decode and share the messages of our Kachina Spirit Keepers.  We will explore in-depth the ways our Kachinas are "communing"  with us.  We will also harvest the messages and wisdom that your Kachina offers to us as a group and to humanity.  This collective wisdom can help us find direction and purpose within the Corona era. Zoom breakout rooms will be used for small group processing.


Step 1: Fill out Registration Form

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Suggested donations secured via Paypal

Materials Kit

Here are some suggestions for materials to make your Kachina, please gather these materials before our Zoom meeting:


  • A Journal or paper & pen

  • A stick, piece of driftwood, or a cardboard tube to be used as support for your Kachina.

  • Some basic construction supplies, for instance: string, tape, glue, scissors, (glue gun if you have one).

  • An assortment of materials for making your Kachina like nature pieces from the beach, garden, woods, etc.

  • Some extra supplies like yarn, ribbon, string, tape, cloth material, stray buttons, costume jewelry, or any special pieces that have meaning to you, etc.


IMG_0153 copy.jpg
Lali Mitchell PhD, MFT

As Program Director of Sky Mountain Institute, Lali brings her experience in Ecopsychology, Depth Psychology, and Community Studies to her work in the expressive arts. Her training in Jungian and Archetypal psychology, as well as her work as a multi-media artist and writer, enriches her approach. She is also in private practice working with individuals and families.

Christina Brittain. MFA

Intuitive Counseling and Classes. Christina is delighted to serve as collaborator and Zoom/PR -Artistic Creatrix for this special Kachina Workshop!  She offers individual sessions, classes and coloring books to help you trust your body, yourself and Life.

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