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Expressive therapies provide a means for moving below the surface of the verbal, the known, and the routinized into the multi-layered levels of the Self-world unity. By accessing the forms, symbols, and wisdom that emerge from the core of our individual and collective experiences, the expressive arts engage the imagination and create a dialogue between inner and outer realities. These forms and symbols access our capacity to make meaning, to heal, and to grow in a direction consistent with our authentic self and our interdependence within the earth-communities.

Expressive therapy touches the creative core and speeds up internal processing, thus making it applicable to integrative therapies, depth psychology, and the individuation process.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Our programs are designed to realign our relationship to our bodies, our place-worlds, and to the planet through a vision of a sustainable person-earth presence, a practice of relational depth, and an experience of imaginal competency in the expressive arts. We create an open, free space in which our expressiveness can thrive and find ways back into community.

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