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Online Workshops

Join us in our online offerings and learn practices to reconnect to your Earth's body!

Step 2: Submit your donation

Thank you for registering! a confirmation email is on its way, if you would like to submit a donation, please select the Donate button below: 


You don't need a paypal account to donate through Paypal's secure online system.

This offerings are by suggested donations, No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds, we know everyone's situation is different so give what you can, this offering is for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.


Materials Kit

Here are some suggestions for materials to make your Kachina, please gather these materials before our Zoom meeting:


  • A Journal or paper & pen

  • A stick, piece of driftwood, or a cardboard tube to be used as support for your Kachina.

  • Some basic construction supplies, for instance: string, tape, glue, scissors, (glue gun if you have one).

  • An assortment of materials for making your Kachina like nature pieces from the beach, garden, woods, etc.

  • Some extra supplies like yarn, ribbon, string, tape, cloth material, stray buttons, costume jewelry, or any special pieces that have meaning to you, etc.

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