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Permaculture is the conscious design of a human-centered ecosystem that is balanced, abundant, and sustainable. As an education center and demonstration site, Sky Mountain Permaculture provides a model for how people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth.

Our 7-acre water harvesting farm showcase swales, basins, and the effective use of earthwork systems for rain harvesting that provides our terraced gardens and native habitats with water through the dry season.

Many projects lead by Alden Hough with participation from the community and friends made this a unique demonstration site of what's possible when we work together to create ecosystems that provide nutrient-dense food for humans and wildlife, heal the Earth, and connect people with nature and each other, creating healthy solutions to the current environmental crisis. 

Water Harvesting Farm

Sky Mountain is located on a 7-acre water harvesting demonstration farm and native habitat restoration site.

Building a compost pile

connecting with the earth before planting the native garden.

Alden explaining the benefits of a native garden

Native plants

Lower swales water catchment during rain.

Water catchment system

Water catchment system

Building a wicking bed

Work Party: Building arbor

Planting process

Our swales filled with rain water. Rain harvesting at its best!

Urban lumber: on-site milling of trees.

Native Plant Hillside

Community workshop gathering: Native plants and pollinator gardens.

Garden arbors: Pumpkin trellis

Garden arbors: Climbing Cucumber trellis

Compost pile group photo!

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