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Earth Dome Shrine

Our natural building project —THE EARTH DOME - is a Shrine to the Ecologic Commons.

Natural Building

A big part of natural building is bringing people together in community, our Earth dome shrine 

has brought families and friends alike to our grounds to learn and participate  in the building process.

The technique used for our dome is Earthbag building, one the most affordable and environmentally friendly forms of building, and is easy to learn. Using earth bags results in extremely durable and strong structures that can be filled with local, natural materials.  


One of our natural building projects on site is near completion. We'll be hosting workshops and work parties soon, check our offerings page and join us! we'd love to play in the mud with you!


Requirements for natural building projects are: Wear comfortable clothing which are OK to get muddy. Bring gloves, sun protection (hat, long sleeve shirt/pants, sun screen), wear sturdy shoes, and plenty of water.

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