By tapping into the ecological imagination, we remember nature’s codes as the vitalizing ground of our being. This exploration re-inspires our creative edges and our capacity to serve our human and ecologic communities.

Now more than ever the eco-arts & and nature-based therapies have a seminal place in the current world order. With the integrity of our earth systems at risk, we find a foothold in the earth arts, native plant restoration, and water-harvesting: a path that we can trust —a deep wisdom tradition grounded in nature, soul, and community.


Awakening your intuitive edges

  • MULTI-MODAL ARTS - Nourish an intimate relationship with nature through Eco-Arts practices and Multimodal creative expression.

  • MINDFULNESS - Find stillness in contemplative nature practices, poetry and journaling

  • EXPERIENCE - How nature’s intelligence and systems work in our own psyches and lives

  • PERMACULTURE - Explore practices for restoring the Earth

  • SHARE - Ideas, insights, organic food, and community

  • BECOME - A part of a dynamic community of cutting edge practitioners


Join our leading-edge ecotherapy and permaculture practitioners, somatically-oriented depth psychology, engaged artists, and poets.

  • Expressive and EcoArts Practices and Training

  • Somatic Therapies

  • Mindfulness and Earth Awareness

  • Permaculture Workshops (Water Harvesting, Native Plants Gardens, Wild Edible Plants)

  • Become an eco-educator - sharing ecological knowledge within our home-places, communities, schools, and community programs

Current Offerings

Sun, Feb 21
La Duna Centro Ecologico
Earth Journey 2021
Learn practices to reconnect to your Earth's body! Appreciate your unique leadership and gifts! Join us near La Paz on the Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, MX February 21-26, 2021
New dates and time TBA
Sky Mountain Institute
Workshop: Sandtray & Expressive Arts Therapy Training Weekend
Sky Mountain Institute & The Mindgarden Centre Led by, Deborah Armstrong, Ph.D., LMFT-S, RPT-S, REAT, REACE Focusing Oriented Sandtray Practice

Our Offerings

Our workshops, programs, and collaborations allow participants to explore the eco-therapy landscape through immersive arts and earth-based practices.

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