Our Programs

Our Programs bring together a unique collaboration between nature immersion somatic presencing, multi-modal Expressive Arts & Ecoarts, and Permacuture practices. Our community arts studio and our 7-acre water-harvesting and native plant demonstration site offer immersive-learning in nature based teachings and  
expressive arts & ecoarts practices.

Reweaving Ourselves Back into the Earth


The Expressive Arts and EcoArt therapies offer a creative methodology for evoking and strengthening an earth-cherishing consciousness as the matrix in which human-earth relationships can flourish. Our approach is grounded in somatically-oriented Archetypal Psychology, Depth Psychology, mindfulness, nature-based ecologic practice, and community dialogue and ritual.


Kachina Spirit Keepers

 This online group experience draws on the Hopi tradition of Kachinas —small spirit- that have traditionally helped the Hopi Indian-nation peoples listen into “Mother Earth who sustains the balance and wholeness of all things.”


The wisdom body & Kinship with all life

The essence of nature comes together in the living body and its sensory presence. We start with our embodied engagement and felt sensing as the ground for our explorations into the imaginal and nature. We give symbolic expression to this sensorial attunement through expressive modes of processing.

ecoarts, ecoteraphy, expressive arts

We are the Earth

Through the lens of permacuture, our hands-on programs are an opportunity to bring these practices into alignment with the knowledge and planetary science of how our earth systems actually work. Gaia’s great archetypes of Earth, Water, Air, Fire become the inspiration for personal and planetary transformation, learning, and discovery.

expressive arts, art theraphy, kachinas spirit keepers

Multi-Modal Expressive Arts

We weave together the various expressive arts modalities to give expression to our individual & collective psyches, emerging archetypes, and the voice of the earth. These expressive modes include: visual arts, clay, sand tray therapies, myth, poetry, performance arts, voice dialogue, dreamwork, enactments, shrines, movement-arts, music and sound. Any of these media may be chosen to give creative expression to the non-verbal ‘languages of nature and the poetic languages of the expressive arts


Within the intimacy of shared community, we re-imagine ourselves as part of a deeply transformational and meaningful journey—for ourselves as well as for our future generations. Becoming truly creative and generative within nature, with place, and with each other's experiential unfolding is at the core of our work together. We focus on what is coming into aliveness: what is emerging at the edges of each persons experience as it takes form within our co-creative flow together. As such, we communally weave a shared fabric of collective wisdom to offer back to our outer communities.


Natural Building

Our natural building project —THE EARTH DOME - is a Shrine to the Ecologic Commons and is near completion. Stay tuned and Join Us in the completion of this project!


Water Harvesting Farm

Sky Mountain is located on a 7-acre water harvesting demonstration farm and native habitat restoration site.  Our programs includes hands-on time in the soil, woods, creek, and gardens where we learn about water harvesting systems and native plant re-vegetation, how ecosystems actually work, how to plant natives and restore habitat, and  how to incorporate the intelligence of the living earth and her systems back into our lives and places.