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Kachina Spirit Keeper Project Page

Welcome to our Collective Kachina Wisdom and Medicine page! here you can explore our individual and collective Kachinas and some of their messages created in our online workshops.

Greetings to All of You and to our Kachina Spirit Keepers!  We here bring together the unique wisdom of all our Kachinas and offer it to the collective field for the good of all beings and Gaia. What a richly unique and potent tribe of Earth-keepers we have gathered together at this critical time. Thank you everyone! 


Kachina Collective poem from our sharings during workshop Part 2

Up and down and all around, the fun dance that spins us around.
Be energetic and sensual, dance in joy and gratefulness, be devoted to life!
Your truth lies in your body mind, rather than in the chatter of your brain
Hag- of the forest and secret earthy magic -
The essence of my being is cohesiveness, gentleness and kindness to bring in all parts to share wisdom and clarity
“At this edge, dance the heart into creation, letting all you’ve held become the delight of water.”
We are each other. I am your soul.
Alignment . Purpose, moksha for all sentient beings. Sat Chit Ananda <3
I am the medicine of gentleness.  I carry the medicine of rose.  I am the heart center, where spirit and matter merge.

Participants' Poems

Sophia - She Who Weaves Souls

You Who-Weaves-Soul stand at the threshold holding
The rich yarns of life
And death in your quiet hands.
Yarns shimmering with the hues of ancient
Timeless becoming
intertwine slowly, trustingly
Far into both realms.
Forming ancient patterns of wonderment, of celebration
Blessing sorrow and beauty
While you sing.
Your voice dark and warm offers sacred
songs of Not-Knowing
Singing death
and life together into the one
Melody of Soul.


She is so filled with LOVE...She hopes her love will carry her through life.
She is like Mother Earth...with a flower vagina and two breasts to bear and nurture children.
She strives to be an angel in other people's life...but as you see from the side view....
She carries the weight of the world (and other people) on her back. 
She is so tired, but remains a very colorful and vibrant old woman.

Renee - Rose

I am Rose.  I am the equidistant cross. My essence is gentleness. I am the medicine of gentleness, the medicine of rose, of simpleness and of being stripped down. I am the heart center, where spirit and matter merge.

Clear, simple, stripped down. Weaving a pattern. A God's eye pattern. Vertical, horizontal, connecting the two. Firestarter sticks.

Kristinha - Elana, inter-tidal being

Elana is liminal, joyful and embracing. She delights not in what is fixed, but in what is mutable—although her movement unfurls from her beautiful rainbow spine. She wants to share how to be at the edge of time and create new life with the elements and the old bits we find, from what we might dismiss as wrack and ruin. 

Joanne - Aurora

Essence: Angel. Pieces coming together. Working on wholeness. There is a lot more to come in a positive direction.

I am Aurora, the keeper of wholeness in the midst of separation.  My job is to bring cohesiveness to the missing parts so there can be an integration with all that was once lost and has now found a way home. With cohesiveness will come a greater sense of peace and ability to be at rest with all that has been. In the coming home, the past can be relinquished to a state of forgiveness to enable moving forward. Unconditional forgiveness seems to be the key and something that is in a constant state of intention and progress.

Risa - Hag

Essence: Quiet. Not in direct communication, but speaks through other indirectly.  In the shadows. When needed, she'll come to do what she does.

Mossy steps, winged flight, 
a potion of flight and might 
in the moonlight and in the sun
making it happen 
now it's done
Who knew to weave the birds 
and shells and sticks and bones.
Spin me thrice and it be done.
Magic and secret keep it close.

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