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Rachel Salley


The tight interconnection of earth/ecology and expressive arts deepens the welcomes us back to our own ecosystem. Each instructor brings expert skills, scientific support, mindful approaches and meaningful languaging that inspires growth and fresh therapeutic perspectives.


MFT therapist

I knew that Sky Mountain's training would be a "finishing school" of sorts to my training at Pacifica. It helped me enter my own depths and my professional life has been enhanced tremendously. I am now producing new offerings to bring to my community. I am truly grateful for having this training.

Our participants say...

Jake Skelly

MFT Therapist

I found the training to be very beneficial both on a personal and professional level. The insight and techniques that I learned have proven invaluable in the work that I do with my clients. The content was delivered in a dynamic and holistic manner which really helped to integrate my personal growth with my professional development.

Garrett H.


This program fostered a deep sense of connection with the natural world and inner-connection with myself as a part of that world. It was a magical experience to set aside my analytical brain and tune into the beautiful group facilitation and journey. I could come back year after year and continue to get new things out of the process.

Veronica Acedevo

Graphic Design & Fine Artist

I was looking for an Expressive Arts Therapy training program that would be professionally enriching, educational, and useful, and also personally transformative, inspiring, healing, and meaningful. Sky Mountain's program was everything I was looking for, and then some.

Jenn Shultz

Dance Therapist

At Sky Mountain, I found a home. I learned so much about myself and my "place" in the world communities. I grew an immense amount during the program. I have looked for other similar programs and have not found any as unique and cutting-edge. I deeply believe we could all find value from experiencing their program.

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