Embodiment & Direct Experience

(Here we refer to the experiencing body, not just the physical- objective body)

We are naturally wired into the living world— into nature and into earth’s processes. This interwovenness we share with all life forms. Our sensory &  perceptual systems are intimately attuned to the dynamic meanings already embedded in the environment. Thus our embodied mind directly perceives its experiences—without mediation by way of cultural artifacts or language. And it is by way of this direct-embodied experiencing that we are placed within the seamless web of existence.


The essence of nature comes together in the living body and its sensory presence. We start with our embodied engagement and felt &sensing as the ground for our explorations into the imagination and nature. We give symbolic expression to this sensorial attunement through expressive modes of processing.

It is by way of our lived body —our somatic presence, that we are emplaced within the seamless web of existence. Thus our body is the locus of perception and of our directly felt and lived experience. Our embodiment and the world form a seamless interweave.


We seek to awaken the inner organs of perception and cultivate the imagination so as to open into an active participation with nature’s aliveness. Direct experience, immersive learning with the soil and fungal webs, along with the animal and plants…and with the sound of silence become our teachers.

“The core self is the imprint of one’s uniqueness and is expressed and connects with all outer appearance. Thus outwardly every emotion is transferred into a bodily gesture and is thus the perfect expression of the inward template of the core self.”
~ Biology of Wonder: Andreas Weber

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